Hiring DAF Contracting, Ltd. was one of the best decisions I've ever made. They had some really creative ideas for our church refurbishment and gave our requirements careful consideration, but took the design much further than we ever thought possible, without being too fancy.

School jobs are always difficult, but thanks to your team's scheduling ability, we managed to keep business more or less as usual for the kids. The incorporation of environmental design is also a real attraction for parents.


Being a single mother of two, you can imagine the stress and worry when I decided to renovate my home.  After only a brief time dealing with DAF Contracting, I was instantly put at ease. They made me feel safe.  The workers and the office staff were always friendly and reassuring (not to mention patient!) when I was overwhelmed, and in the end, I now have a beautifully updated home.


I was hesitant to call a professional contractor when I realized my home was in need of repair.  My budget was minimal, and I have heard nightmare stories of Contractors who performed "highway robbery" on their clients.  This was not the case with DAF.  They performed all necessary repairs on time and within budget.  Thank you DAF!